The Writer's Touch


John C. Harrison

As an advertising copywriter, I write ads, brochures, web sites, presentations, direct marketing packages and other promotional material. But I do more than just put words on paper. I'm a creative problem solver. I explore the sales proposition in depth -- asking, probing, looking for the hidden appeals.

By knowing the right questions, I make sure your marketing objective is in line with your customers needs. I help you sharpen your sales focus.

My writing is personal, conversational, easy to relate to. Not stuffy writing. But writing that communicates person-to-person. I believe in finding the shortest, punchiest, most compelling way to tell your story. And I work hard to come up with creative solutions because they deliver the highest return on investment.

My clients cover a broad spectrum of industry. Products and services I've written about include calculators and computers, e-commerce portals and ISP software, airplanes and night vision goggles, adventure trips to Alaska and cargo ship cruises, banking services and infrared thermometers.

If you'd like to see samples of my copywriting, start clicking.